Airport Exclusive Club, Hanoi – Review

When I first head about Airport Exclusive Club in Hanoi, I figured I wouldn’t get let in because I was neither a pilot or a flight attendant. Luckily for me then that the exclusivity of the nightclub does not rule you out if you fail to meet this criteria! Why the owners opted for a name such as Airport Exclusive beats me – the venue is not close to Hanoi Airport, nor is it particularly aviation themed. Ignoring these quirks, the club itself is my favourite in Hanoi – it’s always a good night out and gets packed quite early, so don’t go there later than 11:30.

What I love about Airport Club is the awesome shows every night by the in-house dancers. Unusually for a club they employ both guys and girls in the dancing crew, and this livens up the dance routine quite a bit. The girls in the audience always cheer like crazy when the dudes come out for their solo dance show, and I must admit I was also applauding like a mad man. Airport is not a club where you might find many non-Vietnamese folk, so my advice is to definitely join some of your local friends if you’re planning to go party here. Oh, and if you’ve got a pilot’s uniform in the back of your closet – this is the venue you want to wear it to!

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Closest Public Transport:
In keeping with the name of the club, why not charter a private jet to arrive in style?

6 Chua Boc, Hanoi

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