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Babe 18 is associated with the nearby Room 18, and in many ways Babe 18 is the vastly inferior nightlife choice. There are only two reasons why I would ever recommend someone go to Babe 18 instead of Room 18, and they are 1) you want to party on Thurs/Sun night (Room 18 is closed on these nights), and/or 2) you want to drink a LOT! The reason for point 2 is that Babe 18 is one of the many Taipei clubs that offers unlimited drinks to patrons. And not just crappy free drinks, you can get anything you want. Vodka redbull? Coming right up! The savings are immense, but then again, so is the hangover the next day!

Babe 18 is not one of the better nightclub options in Taipei, but it has improved a fair bit after a big redesign in late 2014. Also, it has some appeal because it’s open (and fairly busy) on Thursday and Sunday nights. In particular, Babe 18 is generally the “go-to” club on Sundays in Taipei. If you’re looking for a fun Sunday night then Babe 18 generally does deliver, although do get prepared to see about 10 guys for every girl! I should note as well that visiting Babe 18 is always a bit weird because a lot of the people seem to be 18 years old, or somewhere around there. If you’re not quite young too you’ll probably feel awkward partying with a bunch of kids! The last time I went there was in mid-2016, on a hot Friday night in July, and the air con seemed to be broken that night – most of the girls took their tops of.. damn, it was a memorable night!

The space is quite small with just one room, but the dancefloor is a decent size and there are some dancers on most nights that perform to the delight of male patrons. The drinks, as I mentioned earlier, are all free so you will see some people getting a bit too drunk, too quickly – hey, it’s likely if you go there for the first time then you’ll be one of them too! It’s not going to win a prize for Taipei’s best club anytime soon, but Babe 18 can be a fun night, just take it easy on those free cocktails! There are different entry prices for guys and girls each night, so check out the table below for Babe 18 cover charge and opening days. If you want to party on a Sunday night but are looking for something slightly different, Lava Club (located quite close to Babe 18) is a worthy alternative. For a similar club with an unlimited drink deal on a Tuesday night, the newly re-launched Bravo Club is your best bet.

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Open onPrice - MalePrice - Female
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Taipei 101 MRT station is about a 5 minute walk from Babe 18.

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1 Comment

  1. imteman

    September 15, 2016 at 9:45 pm

    How is the ratio like on other days other than sunday? Better than 10:1?

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