Basement Cocktail Bar, Kaunas

I normally don’t review bars that often because I much rather go party at clubs and get up to all sorts of crazy antics in these bigger venues. But in Kaunas, the Basement Cocktail Bar, which is run by Barbar’a, is a venue that is a must-see if you’re in town. Since opening in October 2014, Basement Cocktail Bar (BCB) offers a great venue for anyone who wants to go drinking in Kaunas during the week. While most clubs are closed, BCB is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night, offering plenty of chances to drink and feed your alcohol addiction.

The crowd at BCB is pretty healthy on weeknights and is also skewed quite heavily towards younger guests, which is almost the opposite of most clubs in town which enjoy older clientele. I enjoyed partying with this youthful types – they certainly have a lot more energy than me and in most cases were able to out-drink me, although I was proud to be able to finish my bottle of Stolichnaya quicker when we I challenged a Lithuanian gent to a drinking competition. He was stretchered out of the venue by paramedics while I was the king of the dance floor for 30 minutes before I rushed to the bathroom for a tactical chunder.

BCB is great fun and despite the fact it’s a bar I had just as much fun there as I did at any of Kaunas’s bigger nightclubs. You can be sure to get into the joint too – unlike some of the clubs in town that have strict door policies and tight dress codes.

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Vilniaus 56, 44289 Kaunas

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Basement Cocktail Bar Kaunas is open from Tuesday night to Saturday night until 5am.

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