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The newest thing in HK is a nightclub on a massive cruise ship that sets sail for an 11 hour party. The name of the amazing invention: Beatship. As if Hong Kong didn’t already have enough awesome nightlife options, the organizers of this party cruise have take things to the next level by introducing a luxury cruise liner complete with a 3 floor nightclub and pool to let the lucky party goers enjoy an experience truly like no other.

I was lucky enough to score a ticket to the inaugural Beatship party cruise, which set sail on July 1, 2015. My expectations were high but the event exceeded anything I had imagined. Being able to sail the high seas, dance to EDM and go swimming in a massive pool is an experience that you will not regret if you’re lucky enough to get on board a Beatship party cruise. As you can imagine, combining alcohol and swimwear leads to a number of ridiculous wardrobe malfunctions – I reckon I saw more bikinis falling off in the pool than there are dumplings shops in HK! Anyway, that’s not the reason to go cruising on Beatship, although it does give you plenty of incredible material for Instagram.

There are a number of different packages available if you’re planning a Beatship party. For the August 8 journey, a standing room only ticket will set you back HK$580. If you want to have a room on board to relax (kinda unnecessary – but it could come in handy, if you know what I mean) then you’ll be looking at HK$1,500 for two people, or HK$2,000 for a room with a balcony. For the wealthy you can book a suite starting from HK$6,000. All tickets, even the lowly standard room guests, come with complimentary dinner, snacks and breakfast. Drinks, however, are extra.

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Beatship sets sail from Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui

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Special Beatship cruises are scheduled from July to Dec 2015, with the next currently planned for August 8, leaving HK at 9pm and returning the next morning at 8am.

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