Beijing Club, Hong Kong

The biggest club in HK, and certainly one of the most famous, Beijing Club has been a popular venue since opening back in 2007, and one that I am quite familiar with having partied here numerous times. The first visit I paid to Beijing (the club, not the city) was in 2011, coincidentally on the same day that the terrible tsunami struck Japan, causing a lot of mayhem. Deep in the belly of Beijing Club, unsure if the world was going to experience a nuclear winter after the meltdown of Fukushima, we were all doing our best to drink our way through the bar’s entire stock of Absolut, lest it was the last night of our lives.

As it turned out, it wasn’t the last night of our lives, but with the hangover I had the next day I half wished it was. I also realized my phone and camera had mysteriously gone walkabout, but I had no recollection of how I misplaced them. My only real memory of the night was when my friend was kicked out of the club for being too drunk, and waiting for a cab to come for her while she proceeded to paint the pavement the color of her earlier meal. Ah yes, those were the days! These days whenever I go to Beijing I take things much more easy and never consume more than 5 glasses of champagne, unless one of my friends is paying, in which case I sometimes drink 6. Beijing Club is quite famous for the decadent fittings – there aren’t many bathrooms in the world that can boast solid-gold toilets, and flushing away a large turd down the gold-plated pipe is indeed a satisfying experience.

One other thing to point out – this is the largest club in all of HK with over 12,000 sq foot of party space spread out across 3 levels. Of course, not every part of the club is open to the general public – you’ve gotta be VIP to access all areas, but chances are if you’ve got the cash to party here on a regular basis you can afford the fee. What I really love about Beijing Club is that it’s opened every night except Sunday, so if you want to party on Monday or Tuesday night in HK it’s a great option.

Venue Photos:

2-3/F & 5/F, Wellington Place, No. 2-8 Wellington Street,Central District,, Hong Kong

Open on:
Beijing Club is open from Monday night to Saturday night until 5am.

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