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The search for Taipei’s best nightclub on Tuesday nights is over, and I’m proud to reveal it’s a venue that’s definitely off the radar for most non-Taiwanese party goers. The club in question is Bravo Club, but it’s been around for a while under a variety of different names – back in the day it was called Club Zunk, and then Club Gene, and as of May 2015 it’s back and better than ever as Bravo Club.

As I mentioned already, the night you want to visit Bravo is Tuesday – that’s because it’s pretty much the only Taipei nightclub that gets busy on a Tuesday night, plus the venue holds a ladies night with a twist – both girls & guys can get in if they arrive before 11pm. It’s a pretty good deal among Taipei’s nightlife venues that can be a bit pricey, even for their mid-week parties. What’s even better is that the venue has free-flow drinks, although gents will have to pay NT$600 for the privilege of this deal – a small price to pay considering that all you’ll have to spend for the rest of the night. Just don’t lose your glass! Guys and gals ticket prices go up to NT$800/NT$500 on Friday & Saturday nights, still quite reasonable given the unlimited beverages on offer.

So what do I think about the club itself? Well I first found out about the club one night after working overtime and stumbling out of my office late one Tuesday evening. I was surprised to see so many people dressed in clubbing gear just around the corner, and I shook off my fatigue and decided to check it out. The bouncer initially looked dubious when I approached but I told him I wanted a VIP table in Chinese and he ushered me straight into the club. For the whole night I didn’t spot one other foreigner – quite a weird feeling given most of Taipei’s clubs have at least 30-50% non-Taiwanese guests. It was a fun night, the place was packed with girls, although my only criticism was that, like Vogas (another recent addition to Taipei’s nightlife scene), the average age of the guests was somewhere near 18. Would I go back again? You bet!

Venue Photos:

南京東路三段217號b1, Taipei, Taiwan 104 – Or in English: just go to Nanjing Fuxing MRT station, take Exit 8 and then turn 180 degrees to walk west along Nanjing East Road. You’ll find a bunch of kids smoking outside number 217, and you’ve found Bravo Club.

Open on:
Bravo Club is open on Tuesday night, and Friday/Saturday nights until 4am. Tuesday night is the time to go, trust me.

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