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Club Move (known as 이태원 in Korean) in Seoul’s Itaewon district has been providing a pretty sweet little place to go party since 2012, but recent events have led me to swear I’ll never return to the club again! Quite different to most of Itaewon’s clubs, which are generally packed with foreigners (in part due to the proximity of the US military base), Move’s guests are almost 100% Koreans – and with the recent MERS crisis, getting into the club is pretty difficult as a foreigner (although White females seem to have no problem, funnily enough).

Foreign expats and visitors to Seoul turned to Facebook to voice their frustrations with the venue after apparently being turned away by management because “they were worried that foreigners had MERS”. Foreign guests pointed out, quite correctly, that such logic was a steaming pile of shit, given the fact that 166 Korean had perished from the virus, and a grand total of zero foreigners were among the victims. Regardless, it seems that Move’s bouncers continue to prevent foreigners from entering the club, as evidenced by many angry one-star Facebook reviews. As one non-Korean female wrote, “During the few times I’ve been to club Move I’ve been harassed by KOREANs not foreigners, you are such an ignorant people to think that MERS can be brought to your club by foreigners knowing that all cases of MERS in Korea are Korean people only. You have a lot to learn, go educate yourself first you pathetic … shame on you”

An American chap made a great point, commenting “I’d like to meet with owner to discuss business practices. I’d like to learn how to open a bar in K-Town NYC or LA and ban Koreans from entering.”, while user another wrote “Racist club not wanting to be known as the racist club. Racist except with the white ladies they use on their adverts to avoid copyright infringement lawsuits.” I knew it would be hard to get into Move on a recent visit to Seoul in July 2015, so when I arrived at the door and the bouncer told me I couldn’t get in due to concerns with MERS, I simply started coughing everywhere. The bouncers ran away leaving me to get into the club for free (although it was a bit empty after my grand arrival, so it wasn’t that much fun).

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서울특별시 용산구 이태원동 132-1 지하1층 무브, Seoul, Korea 140-858

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Club Move is open on Friday & Saturday nights until 7am.

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