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A club that’s open every night of the week is a truly rare beast, but surprisingly Club Myst is just such a venue. I must point out at the start of this review though, that Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights are so-called “Lounge Nights”, and the club feels a lot more like a bar then without a packed dancefloor. The opposite is true on Wednesday through to Saturday nights, when Myst really turns on the club mode, packing the venue out with lots of excited party goers. Club Myst offers a weekly ladies night on Wednesdays (like just about all of Taipei’s clubs!) which is always quite popular.

Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest and you might expect to have to line up for a while outside if you arrive after 12:30, which is almost unheard of for Taipei venues. That said, the club itself is worth the wait. Located on the 9th floor at the ATT 4 FUN shopping mall, Club Myst offers an outside area which has a stunning view of Taipei 101. Inside there’s one of the largest dance floors of any club in Taipei and the place truly gets packed. Your entry fee includes a couple of drinks, which you can usually redeem for anything valued up to NT$300 (on one night I went they changed the rules and made the drink vouchers only redeemable for Heinekens, so I asked for a water instead!)

In case you get bored of dancing yourself the club has a team of dancers who come out at regular intervals to dance on the four podiums scattered around the club. Be careful you don’t try and dance on these podiums though yourself – if you’re a guy you’ll be shouted at by the bouncer and possibly get kicked out! Girls can dance there, but make sure you don’t hang around if the dancers are on their way out, the bouncers might shout at you too! In the table below I’ve only listed the entry details for Myst on the usual club nights which are Wednesday to Saturday, but if you’re in the mood for a more quiet night and a few drinks Myst could be a good venue on Sunday through to Tuesday. Just be sure to bring your credit card, the drinks are a bit pricey!

June 3, 2015 update: It seems changes are afoot at Myst, with the club being re-branded as Baby Myst on my latest visit, no doubt to try and appeal to the younger club goers that frequent other venues in the area such as Babe 18. The biggest positive is that Baby Myst is offering an open bar, so forget all about bringing your credit card now and just enjoy as many drinks as you can once you pay the cover charge.

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Open onPrice - MalePrice - Female
Note: All prices are in US$ and were correct at time of publishing. Things are always changing though so double check with the venue before you go, and don’t forget venues often have special events which are closed to members of the public. If there’s an error in our data then please comment on this post below so we can update it!


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Taipei 101 MRT station is about a 5 minute walk from Club Myst.

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