Club Syndrome, Seoul

If you’re tired of many Seoul nightclubs that are packed with more sausages than the meat aisle of your local Lotte Mart, then you’ll probably want to head over to Club Syndrome immediately. I’ve found this club has more hot Korean girls than most others in town, and the fact that it is open every night except Monday means that you can come party here pretty much whenever you want!

In the basement of the pleasantly named Hotel Sunshine, Syndrome has been hosting great parties in Korea’s capital for many years. I believe the best time to go to the club is on Thursday night, which is Syndrome’s famous ladies night. While the venue already attracts a healthy ratio of girls throughout the week, Thursday ends up getting so many that there are actually not enough guys in the place, and its not uncommon to have two or three ladies fighting over you, even if you’re just an average looking dude. I was once knocked out by a handbag after a pair of girls had a big cat fight over who would take me home! I’m kidding of course, but such things do happen, my friend who has been teaching English at a Gangnam hagwon since 1993 told me so it must be true 😉

There are plenty of other great clubs in Seoul, of course, but I would have to include Syndrome in my top 3 list, purely for the fact that it pulls a decent amount of ladies and the DJs know how to keep good tunes flowing all night.

Venue Photos:

587-1 Sinsa-dong, Seoul, Korea 135-892

Open on:
Syndrome is open every night of the week (except Monday) until 6am, and stays open until 7am on Fri/Sat.

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