Cocainn Nightclub, Vilnius

The nightclubs in Vilnius seem to have a bit of a preoccupation with being named after illegal substances – after all, there’s the Techno fan’s favorite joint, Opium Club, and also Cocainn Nightclub, which appeals to a much more mainstream musical audience. Cocainn is open every night except Sunday and Monday so it’s quite a popular choice for the youth of Vilnius, and the club is mainly enjoyed by students.

On Fridays during summer the club adopts a beach theme, which involves the bar maids donning bikinis and swimwear and the male staff going topless. It’s an eye candy feast for male and female guests alike, although I wish a few more of the party goers would join in the fun! When I removed my shirt I just got escorted out of the venue by a topless male muscle man and told never to do that again! Cocainn has a nice Tuesday night party that is one of the more popular in town, although the club gets busiest on Friday/Saturday nights, when it remains open until 6am. You haven’t truly lived until you’ve stumbled out of Cocainn into the morning sun and puked up over a Lithuanian cab driver’s vehicle.

One tip that should be obvious, but apparently wasn’t for one of my clubbing companions on a recent trip. Just because the name of the club involves a popular recreational drug doesn’t mean you’ll get away with snorting coke off a hooker’s thigh in the men’s room. The police were called and I had to go to the Romanian embassy to get someone to bail him out the next day!

Venue Photos:

Gedimino pr. 2, Vilnius 01103, Lithuania

Open on:
Cocainn Nightclub is open from Tuesday to Saturday night, closing at 4am on weeknights and 6am on the weekend.

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