Dragon-i, Hong Kong

As the name suggests, Dragon-i is a fairly quirky venue, and certainly one that defies any easy categorization. Having opened back in 2002, it has certainly stood the test of time in HK’s ever-changing nightlife scene, and continues to be going strong over 10 years later in 2015. On any given night at Dragon-i you could expect to dance to a world-famous DJ, enjoy a trendy cocktail at the bar or witness a stunning burlesque dancer, topless apart from a tiny tassel hanging off her nipples. I’ve seen all these sights at Dragon-i and will probably end up seeing a bunch more on my next visit.

The club is open every night of the week, although Sunday nights are relatively more quiet affairs, with the venue shutting at 11pm. Apart from that, every other night is open late and you can find a healthy crowd partying here even on a Monday. One interesting thing I’ve noticed about this nightclub is that it feels very international – so much so that you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d ended up in London instead of HK. About 90% of the guests on my visits to the club were Caucasian, which is quite a contrast to most of the other nightlife venues in HK where the crowd is overwhelmingly of Chinese origin. I found the cover charge certainly is a bit higher than most other HK clubs – expect to pay around HK$300 on average, depending on what events are on, and potentially more if a famous DJ is in the house.

Dragon-i continues to pull famous DJs and international music names so you’d definitely ought to check out their events on Facebook first before planning a night here. It’s a place where a memorable experience is a guaranteed – providing you don’t drink a whole bottle of Bacardi 151 and forget everything!

Venue Photos:

UG/F, The Centrium, 60 Wyndham St, 852 Hong Kong

Open on:
Dragon-i is open every night, until 4am from Monday to Saturday and until 11pm on Sunday night.

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