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A club that’s open every night of the week sounds like a pretty awesome thing in theory, but the theory doesn’t translate to real life, as I discovered at KL’s Echo Club. In a city that has some of the best nightclubs throughout all of Asia, including the epic Zouk, opulent Gravity and stunning Play, a club like Echo understandably struggles to fill up on most nights of the week.

I’ve actually been to Echo a few times, not entirely of my own will, but largely because every time I visited KL for a conference, my work would put us up at the nearby Sheraton Imperial Hotel, literally a 30 second walk away from the club and the other venues on KL’s Heritage Row. Echo is probably the best of the bunch, which is why we always ended up there. Now maybe the problem is that we never visited the club on a Friday or Saturday night, instead opting for the less popular Tuesday and Wednesday nights, but on each visit the place was half empty and filled with about 10 guys for every girl, or so it seemed to us. And if we tried to chat with any of the few girls that were in the place, the local guys would immediately try and start a fight with us. Not exactly fun!

I’m reserving my judgement on the place because I’ve never gone on a Friday/Saturday, but I’ve experienced plenty of Echo’s mid-week clubbing and can’t recommend that much at all. However, if you’re staying nearby and just want a few drinks and a bit of a dance, I guess there’s no harm in checking it out.

Venue Photos:

Heritage Row, Jalan Doraisamy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Open on:
Echo Nightclub is open every night of the week, until 3am.

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