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Before I get into my review of Elektro, I have to discuss what came before it. First, there was Spark 101, an amazing nightclub in the base of Taipei 101 and a place that I have some very special memories of. Spark 101 closed up shop and moved across to the 8th floor of ATT 4 Fun back in 2013, dropping the ‘101’ from the end of its name. And then, Spark was no longer, and the venue sat empty until Jan 2015 when Elektro opened up. It’s been going strong under this name ever since, and I do hope it stays for a long time because it’s a great joint.

What do I like about Elektro? The atmosphere of the club is, as the name would imply, electric. Unlike some of the other venues nearby which tend to pull a younger, more casual crowd, Elektro is a lot more classy and refined; you’re unlikely to find a bunch of 18-year old college students here on their first visit to a nightclub, but you are much more likely to find some late-20s rich and famous Taiwanese folks having a party and popping more bottles of champagne than you could ever count, even if you happened to have a pocket calculator to help you! That said, the crowd aren’t too pretentious, which was one of my main criticisms of Spark, the former venue that was featured in this space.

So there’s a lot to like about Elektro, and definitely if you’re going out in Taipei on a Friday or Saturday night it’s a place that should be considered for a party. In particular, their Fridays have always provided a fun night in my experience, although for mid-week partying Wednesday night is pretty damn awesome too. The outdoor deck is pretty fun as well, although the view at neighboring club Halo is superior in this regard, facing 101.

Venue Photos:

Elektro is, you guessed it, in the ATT 4 Fun building as well!

Open on:
Elektro is open from Wednesday to Thursday until 3:30am, and then until 4:30am on Fri/Sat nights.

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