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I was delighted to hear in November 2013 that the world’s first Fashion TV nightclub was planning to open its doors in Singapore. My friend Lewis somehow scored a couple of invites to the grand opening party and we were bamboozled by the amount of stunning models parading around the joint. A return to F Club in July 2015 revealed that while the Fashion TV models have since disappeared, it does attract one of the more stylish and well-dressed crowds in SG.

The first tip I’ll give you if you’re planning a party here is to dress well – as the concept behind the club implies, this is a place to be seen, and not a place to wear a singlet and gumboots (at least, not unless you can convince the bouncer that they were designed by Gucci). So in a nutshell, you want to dress to impress – I recommend watching a few hours of Fashion TV to catch up on the latest seasonal trends and you should have a good idea of what to wear. The club is open from Wednesday night through to Saturday and generally draws a decent crowd, although Friday/Saturday are definitely the most popular with party goers.

As you might have guessed, the design of this club is extravagant. Since my first visit in 2013 they have definitely had some work done and the club was looking sensational on my last visit a few days ago. What I particularly enjoyed were the oil paintings dotted around the club, it’s almost like partying at an exclusive art gallery, although I did see one drunk girl splash a fair quantity of red wine over a rare Picasso; hopefully there was no lasting damage. F Club is split up into two rooms; the Ruby Room, which is the place to dance to Hip-Hop & R&B, and the Diamond Hall, which is where you’ll hear excellent house music.

Oh one other tip – it’s ladies night at F Club on a Wednesday so that is a good time to go, if you’re a guy or a girl! If you’re a girl then you’ll want to register on the F Club website that you’re going, and then if you’re among the first 300 ladies you get a booklet with 10 free drink coupons – nice! For the gentlemen, no freebies unfortunately, and you can expect to pay a cover charge of about SG$30 (which does come with a couple of drink tokens).

Venue Photos:

3B River Valley Road. Clarke Quay, The Foundry. #01-08, Singapore 179021

Open on:
F Club is open on Wednesday & Thursday nights (10pm to 3am), and on Friday and Saturday nights (10pm to 4am).

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