Geronimo Shot Bar, Hong Kong

When I heard that HK was getting a branch of Tokyo’s famous Geronimo Shot Bar, a 20-year old establishment which has a notorious reputation for fun and excessive alcohol consumption in that city, I was both scared and delighted. Scared that the rate of liver failure in HK would sky rocket overnight. Delighted that I would be able to enjoy the incredibly booze-soaked parties that the original venue offered in a HK location. Scared that I would drink so much that I’d turn into a giant undersea sponge at the bottom of HK harbor. Delighted that I could take my HK mates out for a few ‘quiet drinks’ and lead them to a platter of 50 shots at Geronimo’s.

The bar, offering 40 different types of shots, has been running in HK since 2012 now so I’ve got plenty of funny tales to share about it. Probably my favorite comes from 2014. I decided to take my local friend, Sylvester Chan, out for his first time at Geronimo’s. I was a bit mean though, as I hadn’t prepared him with the important information about what happens if you ring the bell at the bar. When we arrived there were well over 50 people in various stages of drunkeness, and Sylvester nervously edged up against the wall, tripping over the bell in the process. “RING RING” rang the bell. Everyone in the venue turned and cheered. Sylvester had just bought a round of 50 shots for all the punters in the bar!

To cut a long story short, Sylvester decided the bell ringing was so much fun he un-did five years of hard savings in his job as a pension analyst and rang the bell a record 94 times, purchasing somewhere near 5,000 shots for the folks at Geronimo’s. I passed out after the first 30 tequilas and woke up at Sylvester’s house, naked in a tub filled with champagne and three Victoria’s Secret models. It was a fun night.

Venue Photos:

2/F Winner Bldg. 27-39 D’Aguilar Street Lan Kwai Fong Central, 00852 Hong Kong

Open on:
Geronimo HK is open every night of the week until 4am.

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