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If you have ever read any of William Gibson’s novels, you may feel quite familiar when you descend into the basement that Kyō is located in, beneath the shining glass skyscrapers on Singapore’s financial district. If I could only use one word to describe Kyō, it would probably be ‘atmospheric’, the music and lighting combine to really transform the experience into something quite unique, particularly among SG’s nightlife scene.

One thing that Kyō is well-known for is the very relaxed dress code policy, in fact most of my friends tell me there is no dresscode at all. One of these days I’m going to wear a mankini there and see if I still get in, but I have seen people in all sorts of casual clothes on the Kyō dance floor so you should be pretty safe in most outfits that don’t expose your chocolate starfish. The venue prides itself on having ‘the longest bar in Singapore’, and if that wasn’t impressive enough their selection of beverages is definitely appealing for anyone who likes a nice range of liquors, such as myself.

Thursday is Kyō’s ladies night, and while it’s not the most generous in town (girls get 3 free house pours), it still does draw quite a good crowd. The cover charge on Weds/Thurs nights is usually SG$20 for guys, which goes up to SG$25 on Fri/Sat, although it always comes accompanied with one free drink coupon. This isn’t the best value nightlife deal in Singapore, but Kyō is a fairly unique club so it’s worth paying a little bit more for quality. The crowd skews to the older, as you may expect, but they are always good fun to party with and a lot of them put me to shame on the d-floor on my last visit 🙂

Venue Photos:

133 Cecil Street, #B1-02, Keck Seng Tower, Singapore 069535

Open on:
Kyō is open from Wednesday night through to Saturday night, and closes between 3:00am to 4:30am.

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