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I had long considered the only club worth hitting on a Sunday night in Taipei to be Babe 18, but a recent visit to Lava Club has changed my mind, if only a tiny bit. Lava is an interesting kettle of fish. On the one hand, the promo photos that adorn its Facebook page suggest a bustling and popular club with an even mix of both genders; on the other hand, going to the venue in person reveals a slightly more distorted ratio, with males heavily represented (at least on the occasions that I’ve gone there). It’s also one of the few nightclubs I’ve ever visited in Taiwan, or indeed throughout many countries in Asia, which encourages an absurdly long line outside (which can take upwards of 1 hours on certain nights to pass through).

So back to my latest Sunday night experience at Lava. I joined the queue and estimated it was at least a good 30 minute wait to get inside, and was starting to consider pulling the plug and strolling over to Babe 18. All of a sudden, the line seemed to fade like a mirage, although that might have had more to do with the bottle of convenience store whisky I had polished off moments earlier in the air-conditioned oasis of FamilyMart. Anyway, my plans to ditch Lava were abandoned and I found myself inside the club. For some reason, as though the gods were smiling down on me, there was hardly a single gentleman in sight! It was if an occult hand had cast out all the males from the club and left me surrounded by Taipei’s finest ladies. Truly, it was a magical moment.

Let me say without any shame I was at Lava until the place closed at 4:00 am enjoying one of the greatest nights of my clubbing life. So I guess Lava is a slightly hit and miss affair, but if you’re lucky enough to rock up on the right night you may just have a ball (Lava is open from Wednesday through to Sunday night, and your entry fee includes as many drinks as you can handle, rendering my pre-drinking of a whisky a complete waste of NT$).

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Closest Public Transport:
Taipei 101 MRT station is a convenient hop, step and jump away from Lava.

B1, 110 Songshou Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei

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