Macao Club, Kaunas

It may be the oldest club in Kaunas, and it’s certainly the biggest, so you’ll definitely want to add Macao Club to your list of places to go drink and dance when visiting Lithuania’s second-largest city. Unlike some of the other clubs in town, such as Mojo and Nox, which are fun but a bit on the small side, Macao is a massive venue, capable of fitting over 800 guests and often reaching that limit on Friday/Saturday nights.

I like the fact that Macao Club is a bit easier to get into than some of the venues I mentioned earlier, but you should still dress quite well to make sure the bouncer doesn’t find a reason to refuse entry to you. Also if you show up quite heavily intoxicated you might find entry denied, so go easy on the pre-drinks – if you’re planning to plow through a case of Russian vodka then you might want to continue your party at home rather than trying to get into Macao. As the name of the club suggests, you’ll find slightly more Asian guests here than Kaunas’s other nightlife venues, but in saying that I never met more than 3 or 4 per night when I came here.

I was told by a local friend that the owners of Macao hired some club designers who worked on the famous Ibiza clubs when designing this venue, and that definitely could be true as the club has a stylish and modern theme throughout. While I enjoyed Taboo more the last time I was in Kaunas, I’ll definitely check out Macao again the next time I visit.

Venue Photos:

Located inside Pilies Sodas, Kaunas

Open on:
Macao Club is open on Friday & Saturday nights until 5am.

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