Max3 Club, Hanoi – Review

The first time I went to Max3 Club in Hanoi it was an eventful night. I was out with some of my local friends to celebrate my 25th birthday, and we had a table booked at Max3. Upon arriving inside the club, the manager was there to welcome me and led our party to the best table in the house. For the rest of the night we celebrated with magnum after magnum of Cristal, and when the bill arrived at the end of the night I realised I was going to spend most of my 25th year on the earth in debt!

Such matters aside, Max3 is a memorable club for me, and not just for the mammoth credit card bill I had to deal with after the birthday party 🙂 It is a club that I recommend you visit if you go to Hanoi, although it’s not the kind of place you want to fly solo (make sure you gather up a group of trusty pals and book a table). Max3 has some great dance performances so you’ll have plenty to keep you busy in between sipping champagne and discussing stock tips. While the club is open every night, the best nights to party are obviously Friday & Saturday (I once went on a Monday night, only to quickly leave when I discovered the place was more quiet than a retirement home after an outbreak of MERS).

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May I recommend you hire a taxi for the purpose of conveying yourself to Max3?

462 Bach Dang – Hoan Kiem – Ha Noi

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