Mojo Lounge, Kaunas

Mojo Lounge is a Lithuanian nightclub-chain that has branches throughout the country, but the Kaunas branch is one of the best to visit along with the original in Vilnius. It seems like every time I go back to Lithuania they’re opening another location, but of the Mojo’s I’ve visited I have to say the Kaunas outlet is well worth a try.

Just as I mentioned for the Vilnius branch, getting into Mojo’s Kaunas location is not a sure bet, particularly so if you’re aren’t dressed well. If you’re not wearing nice clothes your best bet is to try one of the many other good nightlife venues that Kaunas has to offer. If you insist on trying to get in, make sure you’re at least 21 and have photo ID, and it can’t hurt to learn a few handy Lithuanian phrases to convince the bouncer you aren’t going to cause any trouble and flatter him a little, I recommend learning how to say “You look so handsome in that big black suit, how about I slip you this EUR500 note and you let me in, good sir?”

If you do make it into the club you’ll find one of the more sophisticated nightlife venues going around, and I do hope you remembered to bring a credit card or cheque book because you’ll rapidly go through your cash money here. It’s a bit on the small side compared to some other clubs in town, but the intimate venue has a pleasant and fun atmosphere, perfect for a party with friends or business clients.

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Putvinskio g. 50, 44211 Kaunas

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Mojo Lounge Kaunas is open on Friday & Saturday nights until 5am.

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