Mojo Lounge, Vilnius

When you win the lottery and decide to go party at the most sophisticated venue in Vilnius, the club that is at the top of your list is probably going to be Mojo Lounge, a fully-featured joint which attracts the most beautiful and wealth Lithuanians. There aren’t a lot of younger folk here, the average age is definitely closer to 30 than 20, and that’s perfect for an older fellow such as myself.

I really love partying at Mojo on a Thursday night – for some reason the place gets full quite early and the guy/girl ratio is always quite excellent. It definitely isn’t the easiest club to get into – you can be turned away without any explanation at all. The first time I tried to get in the bouncer said he didn’t like my shoes and I had to spend the night at Salento instead (which was still quite fun, I must add). The second time I made sure to wear a pair of my hand-made custom Gucci alligator loafers, and the bouncer started to say he didn’t like my tie. I slipped him a EUR500 note and gained access to one of the most classy clubs in Vilnius.

Be aware that you’ve got to be 21 to get into Mojo, so if you aren’t that old or can’t produce a convincingly realistic fake ID you’re better off opting for any of the other excellent and more laid-back clubs in town.

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Vokiečių g. 2, LT-01130 Vilnius, Lithuania

Open on:
Mojo Lounge is open on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights until 4am/5am.

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