Moscow Cocktail Bar, Vilnius

Moscow Kokteiliu Baras, or if your Lithuanian is as bad as mine, Moscow Cocktail Bar, is a Russian-themed venue in Vilnius which is, no surprise, popular with the city’s large Russian expat community. If you can’t speak Russian you may have trouble here as both the clientele and the staff are well versed in the language.

Let me reveal something straight away: it’s my eternal suspicion – although I can’t prove it – that the venue frequently has a bunch of working girls in attendance. I’ve never been able to get any girl to admit it – the last time I asked a girl “How much?” she slapped my face and exclaimed something in Russian (which probably translated to “I’m not a whore you filthy foreign pig!”). But one of my friends claims that he took a girl home from MKB and she then demanded payment in the hundreds of Euros after they did the deed. Then again, maybe he was just making things up, I’m pretty sure he’s still a virgin.

MKB is not my favorite Vilnius nightlife spot – there are far too many other venues that pull in bigger crowds and have better music for it to even make my top 3. But, if you’re a fan of all things Russian and have some good Russian pals who can accompany you, you may just enjoy one of the more unique Vilnius clubbing experiences.

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Lukiškių g. 5, 05211 Vilnius, Lithuania

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Moscow Cocktail Bar is open on Friday & Saturday nights until 5am.

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