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One of my picks for the best nightclub in Kaunas would have to be Nox – a venue that offers refined parties on Friday & Saturday nights. Like Mojo Lounge, Nox does have fairly strict face control, so if you aren’t dressed nicely and looking like a handsome guy or beautiful gal you may risk being turned away. If so, you can consider what my friend Francis decided to do, which was climb through an air-conditioning vent and parachute onto the dance floor. It wasn’t a complete success as he broke his tail bone, but at least he had a good story to tell.

I last visited Nox in March 2015 and was pleased to see the club was just as much fun as I remembered back when I used to live in Kaunas and party there on almost a weekly basis. A few of the staff members have changed but the dance crew, which consists of five stunning Lithuanian dancers, were better than ever. One of the dance outfits was quite risque – the girls just wore strategically placed tape and little else – and I was sorely tempted to pull out my iPhone and take a few happy snaps (I didn’t do that because I’m guessing the bouncer would’ve knocked some sense into me had I been so foolish).

Nox also has some entertainment for the ladies with a male dance crew making their debut performance on my last visit. I was feeling a bit inadequate when these muscly lads strutted onto the stage, so I ordered a large bottle of Moet to drown my sorrows. Oh, I should mention that the average age at Nox is a bit older than most clubs, so it’s a good joint for a fellow such as myself. If you’re 21 and looking for a messy party I would suggest looking at the other options in Kaunas.

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Maironio g. 9, 44298 Kaunas

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Nox is open on Friday & Saturday nights until 5am.

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