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Okinawa is a great spot for a holiday and one of the best things to do on the island is to party! Seriously, there are so many international visitors here that the clubs and bars are always busy, any night of the week! I have never found another place in the world that is so busy on Monday or Tuesday nights. Of course, the best parties are always going to be on the weekend because that’s when the locals can go and drink too. Here’s a few reviews of the best clubs I found in Okinawa:

Club Clutch
When I hear the word “clutch” I invariably think about handbags and purses. Well perhaps that’s what the owner was thinking when he/she named the place because you’ll see many handbags at the club – it’s often filled almost exclusively with girls which is not a bad thing at all. Some clubs in Okinawa are too crowded with US military personnel but Clutch often doesn’t seem to have that many. The last time I went to party here in May 2015 I joined some friends for a birthday party, and we had a table in the VIP area. Everything was going great until the birthday girl accidentally knocked over the JPY350,000 oversized bottle of Grey Goose. I’m still a bit depressed about that!

Gardening in Okinawa is fun

Trump Club in Okinawa is fun

Club Trump
Formerly known as Club Garden, Trump is a high-octane party venue where you can go absolutely mental and nobody will have anything bad to say about it. My recommendation before hitting this joint is to go to the Lawson convenience store around the corner and buy a bottle of Mr Black Whisky – it’s like US$3 or some ridiculous price. Anyway, drink that in one long gulp and then go hit Trump – you will be the most popular guy in the club!

I'm loving these balls guys!

I’m loving these balls guys!

Funny name, serious club. I’ve been to my fair share of nightclubs around the world (hell, you’d think if I could be bothered to sit here and write all these reviews I must have some tiny interest in clubs!) and I’ve probably never been to another one where they drank as much champagne as what I saw at Loveball during my time in Okinawa. If you have a couple of credit cards then make sure you bring them along because it’s going to be an expensive night, but you’ll be loving it if you go on Sunday – that’s when Loveball really shifts into overdrive.

I couldn't find a good photo, but Saicolo does have the best looking girls in Okinawa

I couldn’t find a good photo, but Saicolo does have the best looking girls in Okinawa

As usual I’ve tried to save the best to last. Saicolo (I’ve no idea what that means) is the best club in Okinawa, hands down. You can go here on Monday night or Wednesday night or Saturday night and you are guaranteed to have a pretty crazy time. It’s in the basement of some office building and a few times I staggered out of the club just as the workers were arriving for their shift the next day. It’s quite amusing to go up to a bunch of businessmen dressed in their finest suits and ask if they can help me finish my last bottle of Mr Black Whisky! Ah those were the days, I really need to go to the liver hospital and see if they’ve received any viable donors yet.

A club that’s almost exclusively visited by US servicemen/women is Club Seven, having opened in late 2014. If you’re missing home it might be worth checking out, although if you’re travelling on holiday to Okinawa to check out local venues it’s probably not going to be high on your list of places to drink. One positive, though, is that there’s never a cover charge at this club so you can enjoy some drinks there before bouncing to another joint. I’ve written full reviews of these Naha nightlife venues here, so be sure to check them out.

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