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Without much doubt the saddest day of my adult life was when I heard that Taiwan’s finest club, Luxy, was closing its doors in early 2015. I cried so much that I had to go directly from my apartment to Wellcome to purchase a 12 pack of tissues so I had something to absorb my tears. But, when I heard the news that a new club would rise from the empty shell of my former favorite venue in the world, like a phoenix from the ashes, I had incredibly high hopes that OMNI would be able to reclaim the crown of Taipei’s nightlife.

Well, it’s still early days and OMNI is still holding on to a few secrets before the new club officially launches its ‘Fantasy’ Wednesday nights on July 15. I’ll definitely be going to check it out then, but the early signs are that OMNI is continuing in the grand legacy that Luxy left behind. As far as the name OMNI goes, I guess it’s an homage to the world-famous OMNIA Nightclub in Las Vegas. I’ve never partied in Vegas so I can’t make a fair comparison, but certainly the videos I’ve seen of OMNIA suggests truly replicating that venue’s style and class will be a tough mission.

Regardless, I shall be returning to OMNI shortly to provide a full review of the new venue that is carrying on the fine tradition of Taipei’s former best club. Already I’ve noticed that OMNI has introduced their own dancers to follow in the footsteps of the world-famous Luxy Girls crew; the so-called OMNI Angels have big shoes to fill but I’m sure they’ll do a spectacular job! Watch this space for a full review soon…

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OMNI is open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights, until 4:30am.

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