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The Roof, located at the top of a tall Petaling Jaya tower, features numerous nightlife venues – five, in fact. Out of those five, my favorite is Play Club, a huge space that attracts the finest girls and guys in PJ has to offer. While not exactly in the heart of KL, Petaling Jaya is only a 15-20 minute cab drive away, and (providing you find an honest cab driver) relatively cheap to get to. Therefore a lot of KL clubbers are willing to make their way out to check out The Roof’s venues, and Play Club is one of the ones that seems to attract the most.

Back when Play Club opened up in late 2013, I decided I would crash the launch party in style. The tower that contains Play and the other rooftop clubs has an helipad, so I asked my good friend Henry, a pilot with a search and rescue organization, if he could drop me off to make a stylish entry into the club. Henry was more than willing to oblige, and made my grand entrance, upstaging the Swiss DJ who most people had come to see that night. If you’re not planning such a bold scheme then Play still has plenty to offer from Wednesday night through to Saturday. It’s worth noting that the club, which has a capacity of 700 people, has a fairly strict dress code – if you’re foolish enough to wear shorts or slippers you might just get thrown off the roof (just kidding!).

One other thing to point out – management strictly enforces a minimum age of 21 for gents and 18 for ladies, which is pretty standard among KL nightlife venues. If you look like you’re a young guy or gal you’ll definitely be asked for official photo ID, and failure to present it will surely see you unable to access the club. Just something to keep in mind to ensure your night goes smoothly!

Venue Photos:

Sky level, 1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Open on:
Play Club is open for business from Wednesday to Saturday night, until 3am.

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