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If you want to go party in Hsinchu then there’s few other choices in town than PLUR Nightclub, which has become so successful no other venue stands much of a chance of competing with it. Ignore the odd name (PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity & Respect, apparently) and head down to the club from Wednesday night through to Saturday night for a party that rivals the clubs in Taipei in terms of fun.

Despite the fact that Hsinchu has a whole lot of foreign expats working at the technology companies in town, PLUR rarely ever sees Western guests, although you shouldn’t have much of a problem getting in if you’re not Taiwanese. As the photos reveal below, PLUR hires a bunch of dancers (at one point back in 2013 they even hired a European girl as a dancer but she appears to have disappeared as of early 2015). I would say the PLUR girls put on a show to rival the dancers at Taipei’s famous clubs, such as Myst. As such, you’re getting good value for your New Taiwan dollars if you choose to come party here.

The only potential criticism I have of the venue is that average age of the guests is incredibly low – most of the folk are uni students and not many are much older than 21. If you’re an ancient fellow like myself that might mean you feel awkwardly out of place, although I did spot a couple of older gents at the bar and had a good chat with them about English Premier League, so there is that.

Venue Photos:

新竹市北區北大路324號7樓, Hsinchu, Taiwan 30044

Open on:
PLUR is open from Wednesday night through to Saturday night, until 4am.

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