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Room 18 is one of the finest clubs in Taipei, and it has recently become even better following a major renovation in mid-2014. Since reopening the club has become even more popular with Taipei’s locals and international visitors, with the already-high standards lifted. If you love your techno or R&B you’ll be well catered for. While the club may be slightly on the pricier side it is a lot classier than most Taipei has to offer, and with the closure of Spark in recent months Room 18 may be the most upmarket in Taipei’s Xinyi District.

Wednesday night is Room 18’s ladies night with free entry for girls, although it’s also ladies night in almost all of Taipei’s clubs on Wednesdays in order to attract more guests (hell, I guess Wednesday night is probably ladies night in every city in the world, otherwise most clubs would struggle to get any customers in for a work night). The club is packed on Wednesdays, but they also offer free entry for ladies on Friday. Regardless if you choose to party mid week or hit the club on Friday/Saturday night, you’ll be guaranteed to find some of Taipei’s best nightlife.

Room 18 is a great venue to celebrate a special occasion, and I had a lot of fun celebrating a friend’s birthday there the first day I arrived in Taiwan (I’ve been living here close to 3 years now and still having a great time!). While the prices are a bit high the entry ticket does cover a couple of drinks so the value for money is not too bad. Following the closure of Luxy, which was my pick for the best club in Taipei, Room 18 and the nearby Club Myst are equally deserving of the title. If value is your main criteria then Club Myst may win following their recent implementation of an open bar policy on most nights. However, Room 18 is a cut above in terms of quality and crowd, and if you only have time for one party on your visit to TPE I would strongly recommend a visit.

On the other hand, if you want to drink unlimited amounts of alcohol once you’ve paid your door fee, and don’t mind kicking it with a younger crowd, the nearby Babe 18 or Lava Club may be better options.

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Xiangshan MRT station is about a 5 minute walk from Room 18.

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