Shanghai Dolly, Singapore

If you’re a fan of mandopop then there’s no finer place to listen to it live in Singapore – Shanghai Dolly is by far the most opulent and well-sized venue in town. It’s impossible to describe SH Dolly as a club, it’s really more a collection of different spaces under one roof that feels like an adult Disneyland at times – you’ve got a sports bar, a darts lounge and then the main Shanghai Dolly hall, so there’s something for everyone here.

I last visited SH Dolly in July 2015 when I accompanied my good friend Theodore Chan. Theodore hails from HK but has lived in Singapore for the past five years, which is coincidentally about how long SH Dolly has been around on the nightlife scene. Theodore is such a regular that whenever I’ve gone with him the SH Dolly, we are always immediately led to his private VIP table which has a perfect view of the venue and a minute or so later a bartender arrives with a bottle of freshly-popped champagne. Yes, it’s always good to go out with Theodore!

If you’re planning a night at Shanghai Dolly then you can’t go past Wednesday night, which just so happens to be ladies night. Now SH Dolly actually offers free entry for ladies every night of the week, but Wednesday is extra special as they usually receive a coupon booklet that entitles them to 10 free drinks! Not a day goes by that I don’t regret being born as a man. SH Dolly is also good in that the minimum entry age is 18, unlike a lot of other nightlife venues in town that require you be at least 21. That said, the crowd at Dolly is definitely on the older side, I’m fairly confident I never saw anyone under the age of 25 in the place.

Venue Photos:

Clarke Quay – The Foundry #01-01 3B River Valley Road, Singapore 179021

Open on:
Shanghai Dolly opens its doors every night of the week, and closes at either 4am or 5am depending on the night.

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