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It may not be a nightclub in the conventional sense, but the Sky Bar on the 33rd floor of KL’s Trader’s Hotel is probably one of the best places in town to go party on a Wednesday night. That’s because of their famous Ladies Night offer, which sees the place fill up with girls quite early to take advantage of the free drinks on offer from 6pm to 9pm. If you are lucky enough to go on a Wednesday night, you’ll truly feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven.

If you head here on a Friday or Saturday night you’re also likely to have plenty of fun, as the venue stays open until 3am allowing you to enjoy the stunning views of the Petronas Towers and the stunning views of the ladies in the club! The venue has a huge swimming pool – but be very careful not to fall in, because swimming is strictly banned during the night. I once made the mistake of downing 43 martinis in ten minutes and ended up splashing right into the deep end – luckily a lifesaver was on hand to rescue me, otherwise I’d have have surely perished. I love the fact that Sky Bar has a lot of themed nights and events – the last time I was there they had a bunch of models dressed up as mermaid who went for a swim in the pool. I guess if you’re a mermaid you’re allowed to swim 🙂

Before going to Sky Bar, make sure you’re dressed up well as the venue has a pretty strict dress code. There’s no cover charge as such, although if you get a table you’ll have a minimum charge. Drinks here are pretty pricey, as you’d expect for a premium venue – so be sure to bring along plenty of MYR.

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Traders Hotel, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

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Sky Bar is open every night of the week until 1am, and until 3am on Friday/Saturday nights.

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