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While I reckon most people would agree that ID Cafe is the best nightclub in Nagoya for its sheer size and variety of music, the second best club in Nagoya would definitely be Steps, located in the middle of the Sakae party neighborhood. What makes Steps so unique among Nagoya clubs is that it is open every night of the week, and amazingly does not close until 6am on Fri/Sat nights.

On more than on occasion I’ve gone out for a quiet night and then ended up drinking at Steps until the sun comes up, and I have to admit the next time I head back to Nagoya I’ll probably be doing just that again. Steps is a bit more mixed in terms of guests that ID Cafe – expect to find about 60% locals and 40% non-Japanese clubbers on your visit. The cover charge varies throughout the week, but guys can expect to pay JPY1,000 on Friday nights and JPY2,000 on Saturday – a bit pricier than some other venues but definitely worth it, in my book. Girls get in free every night except Saturday, when they pay JPY1,000 for cover.

One other tip I should mention – each year Steps organizes a beach party which is quite famous in Nagoya. If you happen to visit the city in summer then I strongly recommend you get a ticket to attend, it’s a fun filled day and night of dancing and drinking on the beach, not to be missed!

Venue Photos:

中区栄3-2-29長谷川ビル2階(Hasegawa Bldg.2F,3-2-29 sakae), Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Japan 460-0008

Open on:
Steps is open every night, and on Friday/Saturday it is open until 6am the next morning.

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