Sway Dance Club, Kaohsiung – Review

The first nightclub I visited in Kaohsiung was Sway Dance Club. Let me tell you something, if you only have time to go party once in Kaohsiung, don’t bother about going to any other place. Sway is where you want to go. This club is insane, it’s so good that after the first time I went there on a Wednesday night, I went back the next night. I went back the next night after that. In fact, I went there 5 nights in a row. I’m not even making this shit up, Sway is that much fun!

What’s so good about the place? Well first up, once you pay the door fee, the drinks are free all night. 100% true. You can go back, and back again, and back 20 times (which I estimate I did the first night I went there!) and keep getting refill after refill until you can’t handle any more or pass out in a heap on the dance floor (which I probably ended up doing, except I really can’t remember – the next day after my first visit to Sway is was pretty much dead to the world, and only ventured outside at around 8pm to find some dumplings to soothe the turmoil within the depths of my booze-soaked stomach).

If you’re a bit more responsible than me in terms of your alcohol consumption, then there’s plenty of other things to enjoy about Sway. First up, the venue itself is probably the biggest club in Kaohsiung, and the place always seems packed. It’s hard to keep a big nightlife venue busy but the promoters at Sway do an excellent job. There’s also a team of awesome dancers to entertain the crowd and they put on a great show. What else can I say? The music is great, the design of the venue is awesome, the people are fun and friendly… if you want to find the best nightclub in Kaohsiung I think Sway wins hands down.

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Closest Public Transport:
Sway Dance Club is about a 10-15 minute walk from the Houyi MRT Station. It’s inside a shopping mall, so just take the lift up with all the other people who are dressed for clubbing 🙂

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