Taboo, Kaunas

Taboo happens to be my favorite club in Kaunas, which is a pretty big call given the city has many other great joints. What makes this club stand out compared to the others is the much more relaxed door policy – while it can sometimes be a pain getting into Mojo or Nox if you aren’t wearing an Armani suit with a silk tie, the friendly bouncers at Taboo have no such qualms about letting you into their fun venue, and that’s something that I’m very grateful for as my suit is often at the dry cleaner’s.

One of the nice little things about Taboo that I love so very much are the dancers podiums that are scattered around the place. There’s a couple of small ones big enough for just one dancer at a time, and then there’s a mega podium where everyone is invited to go and dance if they should wish, with a rather striking statue in the middle (I won’t spoil the fun if you haven’t been already, but you’ll definitely want to take a selfie with it). Important tip: don’t try and go dance with the girls in the mini podiums – I learnt the hard way that this is frowned upon, even if you do try and tip them with a large-denomination banknote first! Taboo is definitely not a strip joint, so it was my bad for pulling such a low-class move.

Taboo, like most of the clubs in town, only offers Friday & Saturday clubbing, so make sure you check it out if you’re in Kaunas for a weekend.

Venue Photos:

Pilies 12, 44275 Kaunas

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Taboo Kaunas is open on Friday & Saturday nights until 5am.

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