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My first visit to Ulaanbaatar in 2014 was mainly spent hitting all the nightclubs in town. For a first time visitor, the nightlife on offer really surprises you, I had no idea that there would be so many clubs playing good quality EDM. There’s quite a good party scene on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights, while other nights can be a bit quiet. Officially, clubs are bars are meant to close at midnight. Unofficially though, most will stay open well past that, until around 4am. Here’s a few reviews of the best clubs I visited in Ulan Bator:

New Mass Club
This is probably the biggest nightclub in UB that I visited and it was definitely the wildest. They have a ladies night every Wednesday which is definitely worth checking out. A couple of times when I went there they had some live music performances which were not too bad. Have you ever heard Mongolian hip hop? I never knew there was such a thing! The drinks here are a bit pricey compared to other venues but it’s a fun night out, so I would still recommend it.

Lux Club - it's short for Luxury, in case you were wondering

Lux Club – it’s short for Luxury, in case you were wondering

Lux Club
As the name implies, Lux Club is one of the more upmarket nightlife venues in UB, and while it’s on the small side it is a great place to party on most nights. Similar to New Mass Club, it’s ladies night on Wednesday at Lux Club so I suggest you go there if you want to enjoy some mid-week partying in Mongolia. They do also have salsa nights, or at least they did back in 2014 when I last visited. I met a lot of foreigners at this club so I guess it must be more famous with visitors. The club is open every night but if you go outside Wednesday/Friday/Saturday it can be a bit quiet (although I did party there on Monday night once and surprisingly there was a big crowd, almost exclusively Russians!)

Max Music - the crowd isn't always packed but the music is maxed!

Max Music – the crowd isn’t always packed but the music is maxed!

Max Music Club
As the name suggests, Max Music takes its music pretty seriously, churning out some of the best clubbing tracks I found in Mongolia. The only downside to the venue was that at times it wasn’t so packed. That said, the place has been around forever and is one of the longest running clubs in UB. In addition to ladies night on Wednesdays, the club also offers the same deal on Thursdays, making it the best place to party in Ulan Bator on Thursday nights. They actually employ a bunch of well-muscled male dancers on ladies night who do a great job of entertaining the crowd, although it’s not my cup of tea 😛 

No strings attached!

No strings attached!

Strings Ulaanbaatar
This is more a pub than a nightclub but it’s still a decent place for a night out. It’s located in the Whitehouse Hotel so it’s often frequented by international guests and business men. When I visited on a Friday night they had a cover band from the Philippines who weren’t too bad. I also noticed the crowd was about 80% girls for some reason, unlike most venues in the city which are full of gents. Oh, I should mention – this place does close at 12:00 so if you want to keep drinking then you’ll have to bounce to another venue.

July 2015 update: I’ve been back to UB recently and reviewed a bunch more of the city’s finest nightlife venues, including Centro Club, Marquee and VLVT Member’s Club. You can also view my full selection of Mongolia nightclub reviews here.

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