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There truly are so many nightclubs in Taipei that it’s taken me a lot longer than I had hoped to go out and review Wave, but I’m really glad I finally got to visit. The venue has been around since the end of 2013 but it took me almost 18 months to actually go and check it out, so I’m sorry this review is coming so late. Better late than never, as they say, and as I discovered Wave is a great place for a party.

First of all – what night should you go party at Wave? Well the joint is open every night of the week (except Monday, but hey – who goes clubbing on a Monday anyway?) so there’s plenty of options. Tuesday is a bit quiet, but Wednesday pulls in a few more punters for their weekly hip hop night. Thursdays get quite busy, probably because it’s their weekly Ladies night, while Fri & Sat nights are obviously very crowded. Then Sunday pulls a decent crowd as well, but not much more than a Tuesday, in my experience. What I like about Wave is the open bar policy – that means unlimited drinks once you’ve paid your entry fee. If you arrive before 11pm on most nights you can get in cheaper (NT$400/500 instead of NT$600/700 or more) so it definitely pays to arrive a bit earlier to save some coins. Then again, if money is no issue to you I’d recommend arriving around 1am, which is when the club usually starts going off.

If you’re into such things, Wave offers some excellent dancers who are almost as good as the famous Luxy Girls from that sadly-closed venue. In fact (I could well be wrong) I reckon one of them is in fact a former Luxy Girl; I recognized a tattoo near her left butt cheek. Anyway, regardless of that, they’re a good dance crew, you can tell that I’ve observed them pretty closely! The crowd is also fairly good – a few more guys than girls on most nights, although that’s to be expected. All up, Wave is well worth your time and money, just remember to rock up early!

Venue Photos:

台北市信義區松壽路12號1F, Taipei, Taiwan 110 – or if you can’t read much Chinese like me, it’s in the ATT 4 Fun building.

Open on:
Wave Club is open every night of the week (except Monday), usually pretty late. Entry prices vary – come on Tues/Weds and guys will pay about NT$400 before 11pm, and the price ticks up to NT$500 on Fri/Sat nights. Girls are free almost every night before 11pm. Important to note: Wave offers an open bar, so it’s great value!



  1. Ray

    February 11, 2017 at 5:24 am

    Shit club with dishonest business practice!
    Caught the bartender stealing patrons beer bottle when he wasn’t my stolen too!
    Entrance fee is free flow concept…your empty bottle or glass in exchange for your next drink
    So without your empty bottle or glass you can’t change!
    Bloody disgusted!

    • Nigel Taylor

      February 11, 2017 at 5:26 am

      That’s not good! If I saw a bartender stealing my bottle I’d poop in my hand and throw it at his face !!!

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