White Room, Phuket

There’s a new addition to the already-packed Bangla Road nightlife scene in Phuket with the addition of White Room Nightclub, which opened up in May 2015. I was lucky enough to score a VIP ticket to the grand opening launch party and it lives on in my memory as one of the best nightlife launches I’ve attended.

In order to compete with the other famous clubs in Phuket, namely Seduction and Illuzion, White Room has paid a lot of attention to detail in the design of the venue, and it has really paid off. It’s also a very classy joint, you won’t find too many sweaty old blokes wandering around the place in singlets and boardies, which I’m very grateful for. While there are a few bar girls here, as you can find in any venue around Phuket, they aren’t too pushy and will leave you alone if you make it well known you’re not in the market for that. The crowd is very international and mainly comprised of visitors or expats, and everybody was pretty well behaved on the couple of occasions I visited.

It’s still early days and time will tell is White Room has what it takes to succeed long term in Phuket’s busy nightlife scene. But the early signs are all positive, and if management can keep up their good work to date I reckon it’ll be around for many years to come.

Venue Photos:

Soi Gonzo 9 Bangla Road, Phuket 83150

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White Room is open every night, closing at 5am daily.

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